"Even though Hires Big H has been in business for 60 years in Utah and is well known as a gathering place for tasty food for friends and family from all walks of life, Hires had not ventured into the ever trending social media market. TAP has helped Hires enter that world in an exciting and moving way. TAP has the savvy and skill to put us on Facebook and Instagram in the best of culinary ways, such that our customers have started to post their experience at the Big H and the wonderful time they have there. What better advertising could a business receive than having the patrons advertise it for you! They are also helping take our ten retail products online nationwide. TAP's insight, strategies, talent, and connections have all made it possible!


Hires Big H is a big fan of TAP and hope that they can help your business too."

  Mark Hale

            Owner at Hires Big H


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