Our First Client

Things started off well for TAP as the owners of the well renowned Utah restaurant, Hires Big H, gave us a chance to be their digital marketer. In the last 6 months of running social media, brand development, and online ads for Hires, we've been able to see some awesome growth.

We were given the opportunity with the goal in mind to boost online sales to the online products, and before we could do that we had to establish the Hires Big H brand online. So leading up to the campaigns regarding online products, we've been developing the restaurant's brand online through social media. We are in all, a one stop shop for Hires Big H social media as we go from creating the content all the way to publishing it online.

In addition, we are running marketing promotions as well as implementing online advertisements for Hires Big H. We are so fortunate to have gotten a shot at helping this amazing business out and to be able to play a role in the growth of Hires. To be considered part of the Hires family has been amazing and we are looking forward to the future with them.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have been given this opportunity with Hires as it's given TAP the starting motivation it needed to be able to grow.

#Hiresbigh #TrevorAkimoto #Ourfirstclient

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